Speedy Shower Repair Throughout the Wollongong, South Coast, Sydney & Brisbane

At Gaffney's Leaking Showers we are on stand-by to assist whenever you need us. We’re located throughout the East Coast of Australia including the South Coast, Sydney and Brisbane.

We are the experts for tile repair and shower repair in the Wollongong, South Coast, Sydney, regrouting and tile replacement in Brisbane, waterproofing in Wollongong and a whole lot more.

We look forward to lending our over two decades of expertise to you.

A bathroom after our shower repair in the South Coast

Wollongong & the South Coast by Paul Gaffney

Mobile: 0432 685 338

Paul Gaffney handles all leaky showers repair in Wollongong and services the whole of the South Coast in NSW.

With extensive experience in grouting, waterproofing, leaking shower repairs and tiling, Paul ensures that every job is done properly and to an extremely high standard. If you need help with all things shower repairs in Wollongong and Southcoast area, give him a call today for the best price.

Sydney by Paul Gaffney

Mobile: 0432 685 338 

Paul Gaffney takes care of all shower repair services in the Sydney region. He has many, many years of experience working with showers, bathrooms and toilets, so if you need assistance in grouting, waterproofing and repairs of leaky showers in Sydney, give me a call because he won’t be beaten on price.

Brisbane by Larry Gaffney

Mobile: 0401 401 177

Larry Gaffney and his team are ready to provide the best shower repair service available in Wollongong, Sydney and Brisbane. Unlike some competitors, they are all qualified tradesmen and tilers with over 25 years experience, in grouting, waterproofing and leaky showers. They can work with showers, bathrooms and toilets to your requirements.